Saturday, February 02, 2008


Some nights we're too exhausted from the day's work, so we're both out like a light when our heads hit the pillows. But most nights Nathalie and I lie in bed, lights off, alarms set, and cozy under the covers, and talk while sleep slowly consumes us.

Some nights we have serious talks. Some nights are filled with absent minded talk about nothing. Some nights are spent laughing. And some nights we simply lie silently, thankful to have found each other.

The other night, while we were slowly falling asleep, Nathalie told me about her recent jaunt to Starbucks when we were in Dallas. While I was at the conference, she had packed up some reading materials and headed over to a Starbucks that we had seen while driving around some nearby trendy spot. Apparently, everybody else made similar plans for the day and by the time Nathalie got there, it was packed. Nathalie placed her drink order and sat down at the only unoccupied table.

Nathalie's attention was then drawn towards a couple in their early 30's, sitting on a nearby couch having a full-on make out session.

Nathalie: It was really nauseating, they were just sitting there making out.

Me: At Starbucks?

Nathalie: Just sitting on the public couch, making smacking noises and everything.

[Nathalie imitates various forms of smacking and smooching noises for realism.]

Me: I guess they didn't care if anybody was watching.

Nathalie: Ugh. A little peck in public is one thing. But they were so gross.

Me: You should have stared at them. They would've got self-conscious and stopped. People have this 6th sense and can tell when someone's staring at them. Even if they're completely absorbed doing something else, they'll figure it out. And it works pretty quick. It must be like a survival instinct or something. You should have just stared at them with this real creepy look. That's what I do when I come to a light and there's a guy picking his nose, oblivious to everything. I just stare at him until his 6th sense kicks in, and then he turns around and sees me. Then I make eye contact and I'm like 'I saw you, you disgusting dork'. Embarrassment is a great weapon. I should just carry around a camera and...

I realized Nathalie hasn't said much and that I was rambling. She must've fallen asleep. I opened my eyes and turned to face her.

It took me by surprise, but there was Nathalie just inches away from my face, with a crazy wide eyed stare and a goofy Cheshire cat-like grin.

Me: JEESUS! You scared me! What are you doing!?

Nathalie: 6th sense my ass. I've been staring at you this whole time.