Monday, November 19, 2007


So who really uses and re-uses their paper towels over and over again to clean things up? Really, who?

You watch those commercials and they make it seem like everybody is sitting around their kitchen lamenting the fact that their store-brand paper towel won't hold up to repeated use.

Is this really happening? Do people really reuse paper towels? Am I and Nathalie this wasteful? What about when I blow my nose into a paper towel because I'm too lazy to walk over to the box of tissue? Should I wash my "hanky" and reuse it?

No matter how thick or how strong a sheet of paper towel may be, it gets used just once by me. Once it wipes up that mystery stain, it's over. To the trash. Unlike what they show on TV, there's no rinsing over the sink, wringing it dry, and then reusing it.

I mean, c'mon. There's a whole frickin' mega-roll over there! It's not like there's a paper towel shortage.

Sad to say, but it's only recently that I realized that I've been throwing money away buying these "premium" paper towels. Considering that I've never in my life ever re-used a paper towel, I saw no reason to continue wasting my money. We've since switched over to buying the not so fancy, easily-ripped-when-wet paper towels, and they work just as well. At half the cost.

You watch those Bounty commercials and they make it out as if they've got teams of scientists trying to develop the ultimate paper towel. Hey, people at Bounty, it's a paper towel. Perhaps you should focus that manpower on something more important, like reducing the calorie content of a donut without sacrificing taste.