Friday, November 02, 2007


To surprise his wife for their 15th wedding anniversary, one of the surgeons that I know decided to commission a local bakery to recreate the top layer of their wedding cake.

But this proved to be more difficult then he initially planned because he just couldn't find a good picture of their cake. They had a small wedding and didn't have a professional photographer, so he had to dig through piles of old snapshots and call all sorts of relatives to locate a picture of the cake.

But at last he found some pictures, found a bakery, and finally got a cake made. He was so excited about surprising his wife with this cake that he was just giddy with excitement. Finally, on the evening of their wedding anniversary, he triumphantly brought out the cake and placed it in front of his wife.

Who looked at it, smiled, and said it was a pretty cake.

Surgeon: [hardly able to control himself] Does this cake look familiar?

Wife: [thinking] ...uh... I don't know... Should it?

The two of them then sat there looking at each other. One completely flabbergasted that she didn't recognize the cake. The other wondering why he was looking at her so strangely.

He told me this story after I told him that Nathalie and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary this weekend.

Surgeon: You'd think a woman would never forget her own wedding cake, but there we were.

I was laughing too hard to respond.