Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I was dreading the trip to the mall. I needed a suit jacket, and unfortunately, that is one of the few things that you really should buy in person. As much as I love on-line shopping, some things you need to try on first. Besides, it's pretty hard to feel the texture of the suit through the computer screen. And as much as I hate the mall, it's less aggravating than having to wait in line at the post office to ship something back.

It's not that I don't like to shop, because frankly, who doesn't like getting new things? But I just can't stand the crowds, the inability to find anything in the haphazard arrangement of most department stores, and the parking nightmares at the mall.

On-line shopping is great. I lounge on the couch with the laptop, surf several stores simultaneously, use the search function to find exactly what I need in about a second, find the lowest price, and have it shipped to me in a few days. All without having to dodge those annoying sales people who pounce on you the moment you enter their store.

I know they're just trying to be helpful by approaching me, but the only thing they really accomplish is being an annoyance. I don't know about anybody else, but I don't like being bothered when I'm shopping. I'm in my own little world doing various thought processes, and really, I like my anonymity and to be able to just browse without having to tell someone to leave me alone.

It would be more ideal if sales people stood under a large "help" sign in the corner of the store someplace, and similar to how I can click the "FAQ" button on an internet page if I need to, I can just go to the "help" sign and find a salesperson.

Sadly, my trip to the mall for the suit jacket was a failure and I didn't find any that I liked. I would have stayed and browsed longer, but a creepy old salesman that kept following me around the men's department was starting to weird me out.

I may actually try buying one via the internet.

Besides, seeing the UPS truck coming up the driveway is as fun as seeing Santa Claus.