Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Katrina stories, 9

It quickly became obvious that the flood waters were not going away anytime soon, supplies were running out, and nobody was coming to help (Thanks Bush, hugs and kisses). The most critical concern was the amount of fuel left to run the generators.

Ever sit around during a power failure and realize just how dependent we are on electrical power? It seems everything in a hospital requires electricity. As the fuel level in the backup generators got and lower, the impending doom loomed closer and closer.

Several buddies of mine who were working at another hospital decided to go siphon the gas out of the cars left in their parking lot to refuel their generators. So using an ingenious contraption of various surgical tubing and supplies, and after several bouts of trial and error, they were successful in draining several cars of their gasoline.

After carefully hauling their cargo to the generators, they realized nobody bothered to find out that the generators ran on diesel.