Friday, August 10, 2007


Finding a quality blog to read is like everything else in life, a bit difficult. Clicking on that "Next Blog" button on the Blogger bar leads you to realize:
  • There's a lot of foreign blogs
  • There's a lot of spam blogs
  • This is worse than channel surfing

So I was happy to find, through MM's blog a well written and entertaining blog: Geisha, Interrupted.

She then tagged me to reveal...

8 things you don't know about me
(and didn't ask)

In Q&A format

Me: 1. Where are you from?

Me: When I was born, my parents were living in a one room shack in Seoul, Korea. Our home was actually a storage space under a larger house. The three of us lived there until I was almost 3-years old. Despite these humble beginnings, my parents were able to provide my brother and me with opportunities they never had. My dad is living proof of what you can accomplish by setting goals and working hard to get there. He's my hero. I strive to be like him every day.

Me: 2. What about your mother?

Me: She died at the age of 50 from lung cancer on August 26, 2000. She was a great woman. I wish she could've met Nathalie and seen me get married before she died. She never smoked in her life. Life's not fair. That was a harsh lesson.

Me: 3. Why does that one front tooth look funny?

Me: Because it's fake. I got into a lot of fights when I was growing up in Kansas just because I was Asian. During one fight I got thrown by a bigger kid and did a faceplant into the asphalt. Obviously, the tooth didn't do well with that.

Me: 4. So now that you're older and society is less xenophobic, has that come to an end?

Me: What rock are you living under? This country is filled with racist pricks. The last fight I got into was in college. Some muscular jock decided it would be funny to beat up the two Asian guys watching the game at the bar. My friend and I tried to talk down the fight, but when I realized this was ultimately going to be decided with physical contact, I decided to take the first swing. Unfortunately, my aim was a bit off and instead of hitting his face, my fist landed on his trachea... which actually did more damage. He immediately dropped to the floor gasping for breath. His friends were stunned, as was I. I decided to take advantage of this situation and took up a karate stance and let out a Bruce Lee like yowlp. The jock's friends, who just a minute ago were egging him on and looked like they were itching to join the fight, immediately backed off and apologized as they dragged the jock away. The bartender gave me and my friend a free round of beers.

Me: 5. Do you turn red when you drink? I've got some Asian friends that turn bright red when they drink.

Me: No.

Me: 6. Do you watch SportsCenter in the morning or evening?

Me: Neither. Sports isn't a big part of my life. I'll watch a game here and there, but I won't go memorizing sports stats or become incapacitated in front of the TV every Sunday.

Me: 7. But you're a big sports car nut, do you watch NASCAR?

Me: Don't even get me started on that stupid thing. It's just driving around in circles. I'm sure NASCAR racing isn't easy, but I think a true road race should have both left and right turns, and elevation changes as well. That's why I watch Le Mans, Formula 1, and Grand Prix races. Besides, Italian and German cars are more exciting.

Me: 8. What's that you're drinking? And what's that on the radio?

Me: Woodford Reserve on ice. Jambi, by TOOL.

Me: That's all eight questions. Any last words?

Me: Thank you for visiting my little blog and reading what I write.