Tuesday, August 07, 2007


As I was walking up to the car I pushed the "unlock" button, but nothing happened.

It was early in the morning, and I was a bit sleepy and it was still dark outside, so I looked down at the key fob to make sure I was pushing the right button.

Yup. "Unlock"

A couple more pushes, but nothing. Pointed the key fob at the car, nothing.

Ooh... this was a bad sign.

Manually unlocked the door (don't do this very much nowadays) and got in. I immediately noted that the dome light didn't come on.

Ooh.. another bad sign.

Depress the clutch, turn the key, and...


Just in case I could convince my car to miraculously arise from the dead like Peter Pan's Tinkerbell, I squeezed my eyes shut tight, clapped my hands a bunch, and turned the key a few more times.

And... nothing.

So my car is dead. 6 weeks ago my computer died. People say bad thing happen in threes... So what's next? iPod? Cell phone? The air conditioner? [gasp] people?!

No wait, my pager died yesterday.

Whew. Thank God I remembered that. I was about to start telling loved ones to stay the hell away from me for a while.