Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I wonder what might have happened if the Harry Potter books were printed in limited numbers. Would that have been the impetus leading to mass riots and mayhem? Counterfeit copies sold on eBay? People paying $100 for the book? Violence?

I'm guessing that people would react just like they do when there's limited number of anything, be it Playstation 3, Tickle Me Elmo, or beer in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: Just frickin' lose their minds.

I saw people camped out in front of the local bookstore, sleeping on sidewalks, waiting for midnight so they can be the first to get the book. The day after the book was released, while I was at the local grocery store, I saw a stack of them for sale.

I'd be a bit disenchanted if I spent 36+ hours sleeping on the sidewalk next to Barnes and Noble to get my Harry Potter book and then some doofus nonchalantly buys one the next day as an afterthought at the local grocery store while shopping for buttermilk.

Ain't that a bitch...

Lootin' for beer after Hurricane Katrina.