Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Very few things will get me to pull off of the highway. I'll often drive through hunger, I'll fight off sleep, and I'll often test the limits of my bladder before being forced to get off the road.

But if there's one thing that will make me pull over voluntarily, it's food being sold from a cart. I'm not sure where this behavior came from. Probably a mixture of culinary curiosity, gastronomic gluttony, poverty, and sheer ability to clearly ignore the possibly devastating consequences of my actions...

This one in question sold hotdogs and cheesesteaks. And they were friggin' delicious. That's Nathalie posing next to the trailer while we were waiting for the guy in the trailer to grill up our dogs.

Of course, you have to use some discretion when it comes to buying food off of a street vendor. Common sense being very helpful. Thankfully, this bit of caution has saved me from many a bellyache.

But I believe that the best (and often most authentic) food comes from the little guys selling from the carts and trailers off the side of the road. And I'll happily pull over and part with my money for a little taste of what they've got to sell.