Sunday, May 20, 2007


As I reviewed the pictures that I've just taken with the digital camera, all of them had a haze around them. It looked like there was a thick fog, or that everybody was a ghost. Strange. So I turned the camera over to look at the lens...

Me: [accusatory tone to nobody in particular] Now who the hell's been putting their frickin' fingerprints on the lens?!

Nathalie: [the only other person near me within a 50-foot radius] I didn't do it, why do you automatically assume it was me?!

Me: Did I say it was you?

Nathalie: You implied it, and you know it.

That was a fairly true and accurate statement, so that shut me up. I mumbled something under my breath and wiped the lens clean as carefully as I could.

Nathalie: What?

Me: I said I shouldn't have wiped off the lens so that I could see who the fingerprint belonged to.

Nathalie delivers the usual look I've become accustomed to receiving for such stupid comments, and goes back to her reading.

I resign myself to wiping off the camera lens.

Nathalie reading on the front porch of our house.
(Picture taken after cleaning the lens.)

"I'm only smiling because you're taking a picture. I'm still mad at you."