Tuesday, April 10, 2007


A traffic jam caused Patient H to be delayed while coming in for his surgery this morning. His delay caused a domino effect where everything got pushed back a bit, and it looked like I would have about an hour wait until he would be ready for his operation. I decided to go sit in the lounge and watch the news and catch up with what's going on in the world while Patient H was getting prepped.

I watched CNN for about an hour. And sadly, the most pressing news items were trying to find out who was the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Don Imus's off-handed comment, the response by Rutgers, and several random bits about an interracial prom in Georgia, an elephant gone nuts, and some other worthless crap. After an hour of watching the most respected news channel on television, I knew absolutely nothing.

How is it that we have our priorities so screwed up? Who gives a shit about the father of Smith's baby? And so some talk radio host made an off color comment that hurt some feelings. Big deal. Shrug it off. I've had a few racist comments thrown at me more times than I can count. You don't see me holding a press conference and whining about how the world is unfair.

I was amazed that in that hour there was not a thing about the atrocities going on in Iraq. Nothing about our impending political doom. Nothing about how gas prices rose more than twenty cents a gallon in a 8 day period because some refinery was down for repairs. Ah, ignorance. Why doesn't anybody care about what's really going on in the world? Our nation is becoming a land of idiots, where its citizens are more concerned about the status of its pop-culture icons than in the political machine that will ultimately define our lives.

Newsweek printed a very sobering "special edition" of its weekly magazine on April 2 that printed excerpts from the last letters, emails, and phonecalls made from soldiers in Iraq before their unexpected death. Reading those letters makes you realize just how sad it is that finding out the father of Smith's baby dominates the news.

What happened to us?

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