Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The problem with blue cheese is that it's already moldy.

Nathalie: Do you think that it's safe to eat?

Me: I dunno.

[I take a sniff.]

Me: It smells pretty bad, like wet feet. But I think this is what it smelled like when I bought it.

Nathalie: How long's that been in the fridge?

Me: I'm not sure. At least a couple weeks.

[I start to cut off a chunk.]

Nathalie: Are you going to eat that?

[I shrug as I pop a little moldy chunk into my mouth.]

Me: It was expensive! I don't wanna waste it.

[We stare at each other as I chew. Carefully at first, and then more vigorously and happily.]

[Seeing that I haven't keeled over dead, Nathalie loses interest and goes back to working on her grilled cheese sandwich.]

So how long can you keep cheese? A Google search, which in hindsight would have been good to do prior to eating the old cheese, gives the general consensus that cheese is still edible even if it has mold on it: Just cut off the moldy chunk.

Well, that just sounds fine and dandy for cheddar. But which moldy chunk do you cut off for blue cheese?

I'll just have to wait to see what my colon has to say about all this.