Monday, February 19, 2007


There's an interesting game at the M&M website where a painting depicts fifty horror movies in a bizarre and macabre collage, and the goal is to click on various parts of the painting and guess the titles of the movies.

Sadly there's not a prize involved for correctly guessing all the titles, other than just self satisfaction. But it's quite intriguing and before you know it, you're totally enraptured by it, and just can't tear yourself away from the computer until you've gotten everything right.

Anyway, Nathalie was playing it and was stuck on this one section. It showed a picture of a bird sitting alone on a tree branch. She had tried several wrong guesses and was stumped.

Nathalie: Give me a hint. What is it?

I had already played the game earlier that morning and figured out the answers.

Me: Well, look at it. What do you see?

Nathalie: A bird. But I need a better clue than that.

Me: It's a big, black bird. C'mon, think about it. You've seen this movie.

Nathalie: The Raven?

Me: What? Is that a movie?

Nathalie types in the answer.
It's wrong.
She makes a face.

Me: Think of another big, black bird.

Nathalie: The hawk?

Me: That doesn't sound like any scary movie I know. Besides, hawks aren't generally big and black.

Nathalie: Well, some could be.

Nathalie sits and thinks.

Me: Here, this bird makes noises like this: caw! caw!

Nathalie: [furrowing her brow] What the hell is that?

Me: It's the noise this bird makes. Caw! Caw!

Nathalie: What is that, an eagle?

Me: What? An Eagle? Eagles don't sound like that. [flapping my arms a bit now] C'mon, guess. Caw! Caw!

Nathalie was starting to get frustrated at the game and my lame clues. She just started naming various birds.

Nathalie: A hawk? A raven? A condor? A sparrow?

A sparrow?

A sparrow? Seriously. Now just how scary can a little sparrow be? I looked at Nathalie with amusement.

Me: I'd like to see that horror movie.