Friday, January 05, 2007


Although Nathalie and I work in the same hospital, our schedules are completely and unpredictably erratic, so we never really run into each other that much during the day. Yesterday was one of the few times that we were able to coordinate our schedules so that we were able to have lunch together. After getting whatever slop the cafeteria was dishing out, we found a bunch of my resident buddies already sitting at a table and joined them.

The next several minutes were spent catching up, asking about the holidays and what we've been up to.

Nathalie: Well, I've been learning Korean.

[My buddies all ooh and ahh appropriately]

Nathalie's been busy the past week learning Korean using the Rosetta Stone software. I've watched her learn and master useful phrases and words within a matter of days. I'm amazed at the ingenious teaching method the Rosetta Stone people have utilized. It probably doesn't hurt that Nathalie's a genious either. Or that she's highly motivated to learn Korean.

Atlanta has a large Korean population, and visiting my parents may just as well be a trip to Korea proper. We go to Korean restaurants, Korean grocery stores, Korean coffee shops, and hang out with all of my parent's Korean friends, with everybody speaking Korean 98% of the time. Not surprisingly, being left in the dark and not knowing what the hell is going on gets tiresome. So Nathalie plans on mastering the Korean language and impressing the pants off of my parents the next time we see them.

Nathalie: Yeah, so I'm going be fluent so that I can order off the menu at restaurants and know what I'm ordering.

Steve: So what've you learned so far?

Nathalie: I can say "boat", "dog", "cat", "plane"...

Colin: [interrupting] You shouldn't waste your time with that. Don't you only need to learn how to say the numbers if you're ordering at restaurants?