Saturday, December 09, 2006


While Nathalie was Christmas shopping at Bath and Body Works, I wandered around looking at the various smelly displays and at the handful of other men in the store doing the same thing. Most of these guys looked pretty miserable, but definitely less uncomfortable looking than the guys wandering around Victoria's Secret.

I can imagine worse places to be, but wandering around Victoria's Secret definitely isn't far off the top 25 places. I always feel like the women in the store are looking at me like I'm a creepy sleazeball or a pervert. I'm sure the other guys all pretty much feel the same way. That's why I usually stay within arm's reach of Nathalie. She's like a hall-pass. I'm exempt from the creep-factor.

Anyway, while perusing the scented candle portion of Bath and Body Works, which is about the only man-friendly part of the store, I saw a box of air-freshener/scented potpourri thing simply named "Elton John." Curious, I took a whiff.

Sure enough, it smells like what you would expect a middle aged, eccentric, uber-wealthy English homosexual man to smell like after putting on a 2-hour show. A little flowery. A little sweet. A bit musky. A little pungent. A bit too over the top.

And of course, as human nature dictates, I shared this terrible smelling thing with Nathalie. "Hey, come here! This smells terrible, you've gotta try it!"