Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Flux Capacitor

For the longest time, Nathalie's blog was placed on standstill while she was busy with school and dealing with the usual crap that comes with being married to a man... most of which involves cleaning up after him. Anyway, her blog was starting to look more and more like a page from a time capsule than an active blog.

Nathalie: [accosts me as I walk into the house] Hey, guess what?!

Me: [already starting to make a mess] What?

Nathalie: I blogged today!

Me: Oh yeah?

Nathalie: Yeah, go check it out. You'll like it.

You should, too. Go check out her blog. Post your answers in the comments section.

Most importantly, don't cheat.

Nathalie says she'll post the answers soon.