Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I've been craving steak for the past week or so. Not just any steak, but steak done on the grill. And because money's a bit tight right now, the only way I can get this steak is if I grill it on my grill at home. Otherwise, Nathalie and I wouldve been sitting at a steakhouse chowing down on some ribeye many days ago.

However, New Orleans is now in the rainy season, and it's been raining consistantly for a week, making it quite prohibitive for outdoor grilling. On those rare days when it didn't rain all day, it would predictably rain right about dinner time, ruining what plans I had made during the day to grill.

Last Friday, I walked out of the hospital at the end of the day to find that the skies were clear. To my amazement, there wasn't a rain cloud in sight. I took this opportunity to run to the nearest grocery store to buy some meat.

On my way to the store, I called home to ask a rhetorical question, knowing full well that we were going to make quesadillas that night. "Nathalie, what do you want for dinner?"

"Well, I bought the stuff so that we can make quesa..."

"How about steak!?" I interrupted gleefully, almost shrieking with excitement like a kid on Christmas morning. We'd made plans to make quesadillas, but steak trumps quesadillas any day of the week. Hands down. No contest.

There was a slight hesitation. "Uh.. OK."

"Yay! Well, I'mgoingtobuysomesteaksandI'llbehomerealsoon! Bye!" I couldn't get the words out of my mouth fast enough.

So we were finally able to have steak.
And it was absolutely fantastic.
And we had quesadillas the next day.

There's nothing like craving something for days on end to build that kind of appreciation for something.

And I'm lucky to have a wife that doesn't mind changing dinner plans at the last minute to accomodate her crazy husband.