Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This is an interesting bit of something forwarded to me by my brother. It made me laugh, and yet simultaneously feel strangely proud my people. It explains how my parents were able to leave everything behind and immigrate to the US twenty-some years ago with 4 suit cases, 2 kids, and $5000 to start a new life in a land where they didn't know the language, the culture, or anybody for that matter. It explains how my dad was able to go on with life after his wife died. And it explains how almost every Korean I've ever met started off life in this country dirt poor and got to where they are with hard work and determination.

Excerpt from The Adam Carolla Show
97.1 Free FM Los Angeles
July 6, 2006


Let me say this about Koreans. Mean people. Scary people. Tough people. I learned that during the L.A. riots. You guys may not have been in town....

I was here during the riots, and it was a little freaky because I had to work, and the idea was you may get pulled over or pulled out of your car and [the rioters] would pull a Reginald Denny on you. Everyone was heading for the hills.

Not the Koreans. They headed for the roof of the liquor store, they got the .30-06, and they kept the [expletive] away. They're tough people that way.

And I remember thinking, wow, those guys are bad asses. You know, everyone else was getting round up and getting into cop cars and heading for high ground.

Not the Koreans. They got the bolt action Winchester out, and they went to work on anyone that went near their liquor stores, which I sort of appreciate, but I realize an entire nation of those people would be a tough place to live.