Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In a strong show of my ongoing conversion into becoming a redneck, Nathalie and I went on a tubing trip over the weekend and floated down one of the local rivers.

Tubing consists of renting a large inner tube and getting in a river with a bunch of other rednecks. As you float slowly down the river, you paddle around to avoid various stumps and other inanimate hazards, and being that we are in Louisiana, watch for animate watersnakes and alligators.

Of course, you also bring a cooler full of beer and strap that into an innertube as well. If you're going to be spending an afternoon under a blazing hot sun, there's no reason to be sober!

And surprisingly, it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I couldn't believe we had so much fun. I got cut on my thumb by something floating around in the water, and Nathalie got burned to a crisp despite using massive amounts of sunscreen, but I'm definitely game for doing this again. But next time, I'm bringing more beer.