Thursday, July 27, 2006


I love cheese.
Hard, soft, semi-soft, grated, shredded, bleu, yellow, white, smelly, stinky, goat, cow, Italian, American, Swiss, French, whatever. What have you, it's delectable. And to hell with my lactose intolerance.

I'm the guy at the Italian restaurant telling the waiter to pour more fresh parmesean on my pasta, even despite the mound already on my plate. In fact, I'm the guy at the local pizza joint pretty much eating the parmesean cheese out of the shaker.

But what I don't really understand (or like very much) is cottage cheese. There's that whole argument about consistency and flavor, but I'm not getting into that. What's funny about cottage cheese is that when you see someone eating a bowl of it for breakfast, you automatically say "Wow, aren't you being healthy!"

Interestingly, if you saw someone eating a bowl of chedder cheese there is no way you would think that the person was being anywhere close to being healthy.

Even if they were eating another type of low-fat cheese, like mozzerella, would you ever think that it was a healthy choice for a meal.

So who was the genius behind the cottage cheese advertising campaign that successfully convinced the world that it was healthy? Or do we automatically assume that cottage cheese is healthy because everything that's healthy in this world, like broccoli and cooked spinach, looks gross.

So what makes frickin' cottage cheese so frickin' special? Who knows. And I will never know because I don't eat it.