Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Back in January, the mayor of New Orleans mentioned something about rebuiding this town, bringing back the displaced population of Blacks to reclaim the city as a Chocolate City. Needless to say, this comment didn't sit very well with anybody.

What's interesting is the recent influx of the Hispanic population into New Orleans to work as laborers. There's a ton of rebuilding to do, and it looks like most of the people filling those positions are Hispanic. By no means were Hispanics a rarity in New Orleans prior to the hurricanes. But they have certainly become more visible recently. People have joked that this is going to be a Caramel City once all the rebuilding is completed.

One side benefit of the influx of Hispanic workers has been the emergence of a lone food truck peddling authentic Mexican food. I've driven past this truck many times. Each time, there would be a small group of Hispanic guys milling around.

Someone selling Mexican food out of a truck?
A small collection of Mexican guys around the truck?

That alone is enough to convince me that the food is worth it. Never mind exactly what grade food is being served. I can guarantee that it's delicious and authentic.

Today a group of residents (including myself) drove out to this food truck for lunch. We placed our orders with the guy that didn't speak english, waited in the afternoon heat under the scorching sun, and sweated like pigs while we waited for the food to be made. The Mexican guys appeared amused to be joined by a bunch of guys wearing scrubs.

So was it worth it?

Let me just say that they were the best damn tacos I've had in a long time. Next time I go, I'm going to try their burrito... With the "next time" being tomorrow.