Friday, June 02, 2006


No matter what they say on TV, DiGiorno frozen pizza does not taste like what you get delivered from a pizzeria. It smells authentic, but there's no question about the inferiority in taste. Unless you're talking about Domino's, which by far is the worst tasting pizza I've ever tasted.

Contrary to what's commonly portrayed on the commercials, only the dimmest of people would have a difficult time discerning between one or the other. Although, sometimes you wonder if the guys at the local Domino's Pizza joint are just sitting there baking DiGiorno pizzas that have passed the expiration date.

However, there's no argument against the convenience and low cost of frozen pizza made at home. Which is the reason that Nathalie and I tend to keep a couple of them in our freezer.

The other night for dinner we decided to bake one of those frozen pizzas for a quick, no-brainer meal. Nathalie, who happened to be home first, volunteered to bake the pizza since I was just about to start my commute home.

Twenty minutes later I get home to be greeted by a happy wife and the delectable smell of baking pizza. We sneak a peek into the oven and see that it should be ready in a few minutes. Perfect timing!

So I start gathering utensils, plates, pizza cutter, napkins... then I can't find the round cardboard cutout that the frozen pizzas are packaged with. I often use this as a cutting board to cut the pizza since none of my actual cutting boards are big as a pizza. And it makes for one less item to wash later.

Me: Hey, where's that cardboard thing that comes with the pizza?

Nathalie: This one didn't come with one.

Me: Really? [shrug] ok...

So while Nathalie is setting up in the living room to eat, I pull out the fully baked pizza, place it on my wooden cutting board (which is a bit too small), and start slicing up the pizza. But I'm having a hard time. I'm trying to get the pizza to cut in half, but I just can't seem to get through the bottom crust. So I start sawing back and forth with the pizza cutting wheel a bit more aggressively. Then a bit more aggressively. Then one half of the pizza goes skidding across the counter from the force of my pizza cutting, to reveal that the missing cardboard cutout had been baked with the pizza, and I've been trying to cut through cardboard with the pizza cutter.

Me: [calling into the living room] Hey, I found the missing cardboard cutout...

Yeah... so this pizza tasted a bit more cardboardish than usual.