Tuesday, May 23, 2006


With the exception of most children under 6 years old, and perhaps the demented elderly, I think most people have at least heard about zombies or at least know of their fictional existence. In fact, after the world-wide popularity of Michael Jackson in the 80's and his widely acclaimed Thriller music video, there's no way that the concept of zombies could be completely foreign or unknown to anybody.

Which is why I couldn't believe that any of the characters in the recent remake of "Dawn of the Dead" had no idea what they were fleeing from. The movie takes place in modern times, yet nobody knows what zombies are or how to react to them.

In fact, in every zombie movie I've seen (except Land of the Dead), it's as if the movie takes place in a world where the concept of zombies just doesn't exist. The walking undead has been around for years, how could this be a mystery?

The real mystery should be why zombies like to eat living flesh. And since the only way to kill a zombie is via a head wound, how a zombie that initially became a zombie from suffering a head injury can be put down. Now those are some real mysteries for movie characters to ponder over.