Thursday, May 04, 2006


I understand the need and utility of these things, but it's really kind of... well, I can't think of the word, but having to use one of these things instills a sense of humiliation, insignificance, and promptly places the thought in the mind that you're just a generic man looking for a place to point your unit.

For those of the fairer sex who may not be so familiar, these urinal troughs are often found in large stadiums, occasional bars, clubs, and anywhere where lots of men are expected to congregate and drink beer. You simply walk into the men's room, find an empty spot, mosey on up, and do your thing.

A little disconcernting with these devices is the proximity of your neighbor. The general masses at your local stadium or bar will never be a poster child for cleanliness, hygiene, or manners. Having to stand elbow-to-elbow with such characters is never a happy thought. I often leave the men's room feeling much dirtier than when I went in.

Also not so fun is the guy that pendulates a little while doing his business, spraying his urine in a side-to-side motion as if he were a fireman trying to put out a fire.

And then there's always that one guy who's stream is too forceful, and it backsprays back.

Anyway, having said all this, I was a little surprised to find such a device in the surgeon's lounge restroom of a small hospital I visited for a transplant organ procurement. This little rural hospital, with a grand total of 7 employed surgeons, had in the men's room of the surgeon's lounge a urinal trough that could have easily handled 10 people simultaneously.

As I stood there alone, doing my whiz biz, lots of thoughts ran through my head. The most prominent one being that as to when this surgical lounge would be so full of people that 10 people would need to pee simultaneously.

A stadium with 30,000 people that all need to pee at halftime is one thing. A bar/club with couple hundred people wanting to pee makes sense, too. But a surgeon's lounge?