Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Although physicians as a whole tend to do better than the average person when it comes to salaries, the average resident physician earns less per hour than the guy running the movie projectors at your local movie theater. (See previous post from March 16.)

While channel surfing, I ran across a Nascar guy being interviewed, and you can't help but notice all the corporate logos across his shirt from his sponsors. Then I had a brilliant revelation: Why not get corporate sponsorship for me during my residency? Then it'll be bye-bye to my money woes!

I'll be willing to put a big Tide logo across the back of my white doctor coat. And at the end of every office visit, I'll tell my patient that I use Tide detergent to keep my whites looking whiter, and my colors looking brighter. Wait, or is that Clorox?

So far, after a thorough inspection of the Tide website, I couldn't find a link to inquire about corporate sponsorship.

This corporate sponsorship thing may be a bit more difficult to get than I thought.