Saturday, May 13, 2006


A recent shopping excursion to the mall with my wife revealed/confirmed a few things:

1. I will never be able to pick out fashionable clothes for women.
It's fairly easy for me to look at what a woman is wearing and say whether she looks good or not, but it became obvious to me that I will never possess any ability to pick out isolated pieces of clothing to make up that ensemble. I don't have any fashion sense for women's clothing.

Example: Nathalie and I walk into a women's clothing store. She picks out a "cute" shirt and shows it to me. I look at it like a dog would look at a physics equation. Nathalie then ducks into a fitting room to try it on, and all of a sudden the shirt looks fabulous. (So does my wife.)

But then she takes it off to buy it, and the shirt is back to "eh" status.

If she ever leaves it up to me to buy her clothes, she would end up owning nothing that would likely be considered cute. She would be looking at a bunch of T-shirts, of which perhaps one of them may be cute. Who knows.

I'm just going to stick with jewelry, electronics, and furniture.

2. I also have no idea about women's shoes.
This is really an extension of the above comment. I don't understand how shoes can be "cute". Except for baby shoes, those are cute because they're microscopicaly tiny. Anything that small is cute.

I can easily point out the hideous, but I'll probably never be able to surprise my wife with a pair of shoes as a present that she'll like. I guess that's why gift certificates were invented.

3. Every teenage girl now looks like a Lindsay Lohan clone.
98% of the girls that were cruising around the mall looked like a Lindsay Lohan knockoff. The other 2% were trying to look like either a Hilton sister or a member of the LPGA.