Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Have you seen the Starburst commercial starring this kid?

This kid hears demonic voices in his head, and it convinces him to perform some terrible things to his friends in order to lose and dissociate from them. This way, he no longer has to share his Starburst with them and can keep all of it for his selfish self.

Dumping her books out from her bag.

Ripping this guy's shirt.

Was this commerical supposed to be funny? What the hell is this commercial trying to say? That it's better to be alone with candy than have to share them with friends?

As if our children aren't messed up enough living in this modern age, we now have commericals on TV saying it's cool to screw over your friends for your own inconsequential selfish needs.

Yeah, way to go Starburst. That's a great message to be sending to our kids. Hell, why not have this kid just shoot his friends in the head with a pistol?