Friday, May 26, 2006


Being that most surgeons like solving problems and have quite the inquisitive and analytical minds, it's not a surprise that most of us enjoy solving puzzles. Amongst my team, the latest time-consuming habit has become those Soduku puzzles.

We all carry one or more puzzles printed off of the internet in our pockets, to take advantage of any free time during the day. Instead of sitting around and gossiping, we're racking our brains, trying to solve a puzzle. And during our clinic days when we're not in the operating room, there's bound to be two or more of us, huddled around either a computer or a piece of paper trying to solve them inbetween seeing patients.

I think back to just how much time we've spent on these stupid puzzles and it's mind numbing. It reminds me of the days many years back when we were all hooked on Tetris.

Now if only we could somehow harness this energy given to Soduku for something greater... like finding the cure for cancer. Or even finding a way to drive down gasoline prices.