Friday, May 12, 2006


Bunny Brand Bread, a Wonderbread like white-bread, is regional to New Orleans. They boast that their bread stays fresh longest. And by no argument, they are correct. I can recall multiple instances where their bread sat on my countertop for many many days without showing any signs of deterioration. Which makes one wonder about the amount of chemicals and preservatives cooked into that loaf. On top of that, their logo that they display quite prominantly on the wrapper features a rather scary looking bunny. Probaby a bunny that ate too much Bunny bread and transformed into a freakish creature from the chemical additives.

Me: I don't know how you grew up eating that Bunny Bread. That rabbit looks psychotic. That logo looks like something that can cause some long term, latent psychological damage.

Nathalie: I never ate that bread growing up, I only buy it because you like it.

Me: What are you talking about? Why would I like that bread?

Nathalie: What?

Me: I buy it because I thought you told me that Bunny bread is what you like. There's no other reason that I'd go buy this crazy white bread with this crazy bunny on it.

Nathalie: I never said I like that bread, where did you get that idea?

Me: I could swear you told me to buy that Bunny bread, so I started to buy it.

Nathalie: Well I buy it because I thought that's what you like. I saw you come home from the grocery store with that bread and I made a mental note to remember what kind of bread you like, and I made sure to buy that bread when we ran out.

[Both shocked and speechless]

Nathalie: I don't even like white bread. I like wheat.

Me: Me too.

[Speechless again]

Nathalie: I was putting up with Bunny Bread because I thought you liked it.

Me: Well, I was putting up with Bunny Bread becaause I thought you liked it.

[Befuddled silence]

Me: You mean to tell me that we've both been eating Bunny bread for the past year and a half because we both thought that the other liked it?

Communication is the key to a successful marriage.