Wednesday, April 05, 2006


While taking a short cut through the hospital by the loading docks, I saw a pallet of goods headed for the cafeteria, with one pallet containing lots of industrial sized cans of Butter Powder.

This eery can, with its completely no-nonsense, non-descript packaging stopped me in my tracks. Initially I recoiled in disgust, but then I peered closer at the label to amuse myself.

My favorite line from the directions:
May not successfully reconstitue to become fully spreadable butter.
I like their use of the word "success". As in successfully fooling the patrons of the cafeteria that this is truly edible.

Also funny was the "DO NOT EAT" quote in the little box. Although the funny-quotient fell a bit when I realized it was talking about the oxygen absorber in the can and not referring to the butter powder itself.