Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I guess the concept of tapas is best for diners with ADD, who can't really decide on what they want to eat, so they just get a little of everything. New Orleans, being New Orleans, has a similar thing, but they call it a "Feed Me".

Here in New Orleans, everything is just bad for you. Pretty much any culinary creation with its roots in New Orleans either contains butter, sits in melted butter, or is fried preferentially in lard. So with health being far removed from the mind of your typical New Orleanean, the concept of tapas has been grossly distorted in that instead of receiving small appetizer sized portions of food, you receive pretty much normal sized portion of food.

And it's called a Feed Me because you walk into a restaurant, sit down, and tell the waiter to convey to the chef that you just want to be fed. Let the chef decide on the menu. Go Gluttony!

Anyway, the other night for dinner, I had it tapas style. But at home, this comprised of eating the small portions of leftovers that had slowly accumulated in the refrigerator over the past several days. Not particularly glamorous, but I felt better about eating leftovers when I thought about it in this way.

In regards to my quiz below: I had a small wart on my finger ever since I could remember. I finally got tired of looking at it and chemically cauterized it with silver nitrate. It fell off in about 5 days and hasn't returned. It was a fairly benign way to get rid of a wart, and it left absolutely no scars, but man, chemical burns hurt like the dickens.