Thursday, March 23, 2006


People look at flight attendants and don't think much of them. We, the public, have failed to realize just what kind of psycho-mind power these people have over us. Case in point: when the flight attendants bring around the beverage cart, we take on the mindset of a prisoner waiting for our allotted ration. We bring our trays down and wait anxiously, wondering just what we'll choose to drink.

So many options! Cola? Juice? That anemic coffee? Water? Maybe go out on a limb and drink ginger ale. Or go nuts and try tonic water... straight. Or wait, tomato juice!

As the flight attendants approach closer to your seat, you try to maintain your cool. Develop a false air of indifference, as if you really don't care about these drinks. But oh, yes you do.

What are they handing out? Peanuts? Pretzels? Little brown biscuits?

The flight attendants then take your drink request, and while they're busy filling up your cup, you wonder if maybe this time, this one time, you might get the whole can instead of a meager 6 ounce cup full.

And if by some chance you do get an entire can of Coke, you feel as if you've won some bizarre airplane lottery. You gleefully admire your can of Coke. All 12 ounces. All yours. And you even got a cup of ice! Yes!

Funny, isn't it? You pay $200 for a ticket and you get so excited about getting an entire 65 cent can of Coke to yourself.