Friday, March 31, 2006


There's been a complete do-over of radio stations in the New Orleans area. Lots of stations simply disappeared after the hurricane and some new ones have cropped up to take advantage of the available space. And a few just completely changed their formats. (That always intrigued me as to how someone buys a heavy metal station, changes the format to something completely unrelated like country, and expects their listening base to remain stable.)

It's a little aggravating trying to find new stations to listen to, and this is what actually lead to my falling out of popular culture when I first moved here. I couldn't find any good stations, so I gave up and started listening to just my CD's, and kind of got caught in a time capsule/suspension state where by isolating myself from the radio and new releases of popular music, I had no idea what was coming out. So between listening to just NPR during the morning commute and either my CD's or the local jazz station for my evening commute, for the past 4 years my exposure to popular music has stayed stagnant circa 2001.

Not that I was totally hip to begin with, but not keeping up with popular culture definitely isn't doing anything to help me. I'm slowly turning into that older guy that just doesn't have a clue. So sad. So I make it a point to listen to the radio when I travel to other cities so that I can at least bring my music experience up to date. And occasionally, I'll scan the local stations in town hoping to find something.

During one of my scans of the local radio stations, I was dismayed to find that the only good classic rock station I liked vanished. Interestingly, it was replaced by a station that plays mostly 80's metal tunes. I guess some kind of arguement can be made regarding whether or not 80's rock can now be considered classic rock, but I'm not going into that today.

But 80's rock isn't too bad, and the glam hair bands and death metal bands are amusing, so this wasn't a total loss. Besides, everybody (my age) can remember rocking out to those bands. I was mentally reliving the glory days while driving home from work with Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood" blasting on the stereo.

But again, as far as popular music goes, this isn't going to help me keep up with the times and just further augments my image as the non-hip guy with the non-evolving music collection.