Sunday, March 12, 2006


I find out that Yahoo Mail is offering up new email addresses incorporating the period (i.e. ".") in the address:

  • john.coltrane@yahoo.com
  • surfer.suzy@yahoo.com
  • etc.

    So I get all excited because I'm thinking that I can finally get an email address that has my name in it. Gone will be the days of being jimbob_2002@yahoo.com, or explaning what an underscore is to people, or having some cryptic email address that doesn't make much sense.

    But when I enter my name [first].[last]@yahoo.com, the stupid computer rejects my request and spits out some restriction that there must be at least 4 characters after the period.

    Well, excuse me for having a three letter last name.

    Stoopid Yahoo Mail.