Tuesday, February 07, 2006


It rained the first day we arrived in Maui. But it rained for only the first 3 hours in the morning. By the time we were finished with breakfast, the rain had dissipated and left behind a great rainbow. The strangest thing about Maui was that it would rain, a lot, but it would often rain only during the night and never during the day. So it never really interfered with our vacation. Very peculiar, but very convenient.

Some of the beaches didn't have a lot of distance between the edge of the ocean and the edge of the forest. It was strange seeing a tree just several yards away from the edge of the ocean. If it weren't for the large resort buildings visible behind the trees, it would have felt very Robinson Crusoe or "Cast Away"-ish.

And not every beach was comprised of sand. More commonly, the ocean lapped up on to jagged rocks.

Not all sand was equal either. This is the black sands at Honokalani Beach.

Unfortunately, the sand can also be dangerous, as Nathalie found out when she stubbed her toe and broke it on a rock hidden beneath the sand. Thankfully this occurred towards the end of our vacation. Which was just fine because by that point we had spent enough time hiking around and we were ready to just chill out on the beach.

The toe is doing better now. Healing slowly.