Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Have you seen the following Wal-Mart commercial?

Queen Latifa comes around the corner and sees a friend of hers unloading her cart at the checkout line at Wal-Mart. Queen Latifa then goes up and asks her friend how she's doing, to which her friend quickly pulls out a blue giftcard and nervously replies that she's enjoying using the giftcard that Queen Latifa gave her. Then Queen Latifa bullies her friend into buying a DVD of her Beauty Shop movie.

If you watch closely, you can clearly see that the lady is terribly frightened of Queen Latifa. From the moment she pulls out that giftcard to when she quickly grabs the Beauty Shop DVD, this lady is afraid of getting her butt kicked by Queen Latifa. She's a nervous wreck. This is no friendship. This is a very unhealthy relationship. And I'm not sure what the ad execs at Wal-Mart were thinking when they decided to go with this idea.

I, too, would buy the Beauty Shop DVD if frickin' Queen Latifa and all 250 pounds of her were glaring down at me, forcing me to shop and Wal-Mart and use her giftcard. I'd be scared out of my mind as well. And what the hell is Queen Latifa doing shopping at Wal-Mart?