Tuesday, January 10, 2006


It had been a very hectic day. One of those days when I had to be at 3 different places all at the same time. I had been stretched thin, overworked, and underfed. As I hurried through the ICU to check up on another patient, I passed by a large window that overlooked the Mississippi River.

Being on the 7th floor, the window gave a commanding view of the river and the surrounding wetlands. I never really paid much attention to such things, there are at least 50 other things that demand my attention during the course of a regular workday in the hospital.

But today, I paused to look out the window, for the sun was setting, and the glowing red ember in the distance caught my attention.

I watched the sun as it set slowly in the distance, the sky turning progressively darker as shades of indigo overcame the ever weakening crimson. And I took this moment to purge my mind of the stress I had built up during the day. Remembering all that I am fortunate to have and the blessings I had received in my life to be where I am.