Monday, December 05, 2005


Finding time for pleasure reading is so pointless during my training that I've pretty much given up on it. There's not a lot of time after a 14 hour workday for leisure activities. If I'm not reading about the case I need to perform in the morning, I'm studying in preparation for my in-service training exams. If I'm not studying, I'm researching and preparing for a presentation. And if I'm not doing that, I'm either sleeping, eating, or stressing about not being able to do everything I need to do.

I've got a thousand items on my "to do" list, and unfortunately, pleasure reading never seems to make it to the top. This makes me sad, actually, because my bookshelves at home are filled with books that I have read and enjoyed in the past, and I enjoy getting lost in the pages of a good book.

So when faced with a long 7 hour drive this weekend, I jumped at this opportunity to go grab a book on tape so that I can listen to a book while I drove.

I had forgotten how exhilarating it is to read (or to be read to, in my case). To read the words and get lost in my imagination as my mind recreates the scenes, characters, and the situations written in those paragraphs was like a journey into uncharted worlds. I had forgotten just how vivid the images can be that I create in my head, versus those I might see on a TV or movie screen. And just how much more memorable those images are because it's as if I've lived them by having to create the visualizations in my head.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed those 7 hours in my car, and I'm actually looking forward to another road trip where I can listen to another book.