Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I don't know if it's burnout from the stupid hurricanes, the stress of planning a wedding in a town decimated by a hurricane, worrying about my upcoming applications to vascular fellowships, my upcoming annual medical exams, the terrible call nights, or what, but I've done almost nothing in preparation for Christmas. My mind is totally blown, and I just realized today that Christmas is less than 5 days away.

The few Christmas things I did do, like hosting the family Christmas party last Sunday at our house, I was only able to do because Nathalie took care of all the details. My brain has been on this strange auto-pilot setting over the past several weeks. I feel like I've been just going through the motions like a brain-dead zombie (which is kind of what I've become recently.) In fact, if it wasn't for Nathalie, a lot of people wouldn't have a present to open or wouldn't have even received a card. (If you didn't receive a card yet, don't fret, it's coming. The New Orleans postal service isn't up to speed yet.)

So a big Thank You to my wonderful wife Nathalie for taking care of me and taking care of Christmas this year. I couldn't have survived without you.