Friday, November 18, 2005

Wedding Story, pt 4

And by some divine intervention, I magically went from Step 4 to Step 5 and had a perfect bowtie on my neck. I stared at the mirror, blinking in disbelief. I was so stunned I didn't even do my usual celebratory move of raising my arms and letting out a "woo-hoo".

I can best describe this momentous feeling of joy by comparing it to how Daniel LaRusso must have felt in The Karate Kid when he successfully captured a fly with his chopsticks. My pre-tied clip-on bowtie looked at me with disgust, similar to how Mr. Miyagi looked at Daniel-san after he caught the fly with chopsticks. "You, beginner luck."

That's right. Call it what you will. But the bowtie was tied.

I then proceeded to run around the house showing all my guests that I did indeed successfully tie my own bowtie. My step-mom tried to touch my bowtie, but I slapped her hand away before she got too close. Far as I knew, this bowtie was a time bomb, waiting to just spring apart with the most minimal irritation. I grabbed Markhl and headed for the door, reminding everybody that the wedding is in one hour, please be there on time.

I drove to Beth's house in good spirits. I had successfully tied my bowtie, the tent, chairs, tables, and music were already set up, all the decorations have been done, the food was delivered, the cake was there, the flowers were there, all the guests were in town and on their way, the photographer was there, Nathalie was already there, the flower girl knew her role, and my best man had the rings. Everything was done. I think...

We parked the car and walked into Beth's backyard to find that there was just a scattering of people, and nobody around. I knew Nathalie might be worried that I might be late, so I had someone carry the word to her that I was here (and dressed.)

I walked around the yard, made some last minute minor adjustments, and waited for my guests to arrive. My niece poked her head out the patio door, and ducked quickly back inside. And one by one the guests slowly started to arrive. As time started to close in on the start time, I shooed everybody towards the seats, and made my way to the front with my Best Man Steve and Pastor Phil.

We got to the alter, got in position, and waited for my beautiful bride to make her entrance.