Monday, November 21, 2005

Wedding Story, finale

Surrounded by our families, friends, and God, Nathalie and I pledged our love and devotion to each other and sealed it with a kiss. It was mid-afternoon on the fifth of November.

The skies, which had been overcast for the most of the morning, had parted to reveal sunny blue skies, sprinkled with the occasional white cloud. And the everpresent New Orleans humidity gave way for moderate conditions.

We celebrated our marriage and the union of our families and friends. And as the sun began to set and the stars began to emerge, we were surrounded by thousands of little miniature lights that we had strung up to augment the light of the crescent moon.

The music played, drinks poured, and plates overfilled. Laughter and song filled the air, until weary from the celebration and feast, Nathalie and I jumped into our carriage and slipped away into the night to begin our fairy tale and our happily ever after.