Tuesday, October 18, 2005


With less than 3 weeks until the wedding, the past 2 weeks have been a busy time for Nathalie and me. We've been moving non-stop since we were allowed back into the city after the flooding. As the vendors are slowly reopening and the city is starting to liven back up, the pieces are slowly falling into place and things are looking good. Ain't no stinkin' hurricane or flood gonna stop this wedding.

Wedding cake - a new baker found, contract signed
Caterer - they lost their trucks and drivers from the storm, but the chef survived. We'll just pick up the food ourselves.
Music - done
Florist - survived the storm, flowers ordered
Photographer - survived the storm
Equipment rental - survived the storm, contract negotiated
Decorations - ready to be hung
Pastor - survived the storm, available and excited
Tuxedo - altered, cleaned, and ready
Wedding dress - altered, cleaned, and ready
Makeup and Hair - stylist survived the storm, available and ready
Reception - there's a tree in the yard, but it'll add character
Guests - ready for a party
Housing - no hotels within 2 hours of New Orleans, alternative housing found
Wedding night getaway - arranged
Flower girl - cuter than cute

We've got just a few more things left to do and then we can finally relax and just wait for the guests to arrive and the wedding to get under way.