Monday, October 03, 2005


Nathalie and I returned to our house in New Orleans over the weekend, moving back into a city that's limping along doing its best to recover. I was a bit nervous coming back, but not knowing what to expect will do that to you.

Most businesses are open, but they're severely understaffed and open for just limited hours of the day. New Orleans proper still has a curfew in effect, with armed military personnel patrolling the area. The surrounding neighborhoods have lifted their curfews. I've grown accustomed to seeing a bunch of guys in camoflage carrying M-16 rifles around town.

The city is still a mess. You can't drive anywhere without seeing the devastation from the hurricanes and the flooding. In addition to the 9th Ward, which has received a lot of press, many of the nicest districts in the city were also affected.

It's hard to describe the sadness you feel as you drive past the houses that were flooded. The curbside of every house is littered with a mountain of ruined furniture, appliances, and debris. I can't imagine trying to cope with losing a lifetime of memories and items of sentimental value.

I'll post some pictures later.