Tuesday, October 04, 2005


A street in New Orleans. People have gutted their houses and placed their ruined furniture, carpet, appliances, and other items along the curbside. When the sanitation service will get back up and running is anybody's guess. In the meantime, this pile of ruined lives will sit on the curbside.

A closeup of one of the houses.

A collection of refridgerators. It took over 3 weeks for power to return to the city. In the meantime, food in the refridgerators sat in non-air-conditioned houses in the 90 degree heat, spoiling and growing a cornucopia of mold. Residents of New Orleans found it easier to just duct tape the refridgerators closed and kick them out to the curb rather than trying to clean them out.

One of my friends who attempted to clean out his refridgerator told me it was the most revolting thing he's ever tried. His eyes would water from the stench, and even breathing through his mouth didn't work. After about 30 minutes, he decided to abort and just did what everybody else was doing: duct taping the doors shut and placing it outside. Unfortunately, the smell had already permeated through his kitchen.