Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I had the luxury of the weekend off (I haven't had one of these in quite a while). And with our hospital census being at a manageable status, I elected to leave the state of Louisiana on a driving tour to see Nathalie and my parents.

It was nice to get out of the small town that I'm currently hiding in, and to get out of New Orleans. As we were driving away on the freeway at breakneck speed, it felt like we were leaving all of it behind: All my worries about the future of my residency, my fellowship, possibly losing the lease on our house, our still uninsured valuables, Nathalie's disaster related unemployment, the mounting bills and increasing expenses...

Even if only temporarily, the feeling of a brief escape was refreshing.

And it was nice seeing the people we loved.

After assuring our well being, everybody's next question was whether or not the wedding would still take place in November.

We're not quite sure.
We'll let you know.