Friday, September 09, 2005


We're now seeing some of the long term effects Hurricane Katrina and the floodwaters have on people. The hospital is filling up with patients developing multiple sores and abscesses over their bodies, many are resistent to antibiotics, and most are growing out vibrio.

I took 3 patients to the OR today. These patients were either too young to tolerate a bedside debridement and drainage, or their lesions were too large or too numerous to tolerate a bedside procedure. Most of these patients will do well, but they will need money for medicines when they leave the hospital. With the recent storm wiping out most patient's monetary sources, I don't know how many of my patients will be able to get antibiotics.

I hate to send any of my patients back to the shelters. The local shelters are overwhelmed and can only provide for the basic necessities. But I guess this is better than being on the street. And besides, I have to make room for the multitude of others who also need medical attention.

Several supply trucks arrived at the hospital today, bringin in needed equipment, dressing supplies, medications, and more hospital beds.