Sunday, January 06, 2008


I do my best not to visit McDonalds. Or any other fast food merchant, for that matter. It's got nothing to do with any political or moral convictions. I just simply do not want to eat chemically engineered food.

(Yes, yes. I am fully aware that everything nowadays has undergone some kind of biochemical alteration. But the stuff at fast food places is definitely on the heavier portion of the processed-food spectrum than what I make from scratch at home.)

Regardless, I stopped by just to get a cup of coffee. As I was driving away, I couldn't help but think of the famed Liebeck v. McDonalds case about the scalding coffee spill.

I looked at the cup, and sure enough, warnings about hot coffee are plastered all over the place. Even on the plastic lid. Interestingly, I noticed a line of braille printed beneath the warning on the lid. Obviously warning their blind patrons that the cup holds hot coffee.

Out of curiosity, and curiosity only because I cannot read braille at all, I ran my finger across the dots, only to jerk my finger away from the coffee lid with a pained yowlp.

The lid was frickin' hot.

I looked at my sore fingertip, throbbing from the brief, minor burn. Perhaps McDonalds should find an alternate place for that braille warning.