Monday, August 15, 2005


My current station in the Louisiana bayou means a severe lack of internet access. Having only a slow dialup for internet access has made posting to my blog painful. Agonizingly painful. Although I am having a great time and doing some great surgical cases down here in this little community hospital in the bayou, I'm looking forward to getting back to New Orleans and my modern age internet access speeds when my term here ends in four weeks.

So, I'm having a difficult time keeping my blog up to date, and I'm quite sad to be able to post only once or twice a week. Here's what's been going on:

+ I developed a hunkering for good foreign chocolate, the kind imported from Germany or Switzerland or some other European country while watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I guess it was the chocolate river flowing through Willy Wonka's factory that brought on the craving. So after the movie ended Nathalie and I headed on over to Cost Plus World Market to get my fix. I'm not sure what to make of that store. It sells an eclectic mix of strange items that would only serve to clutter up an apartment, yet has a great selection of imported sweets and random beers.

+ Summertime in south Louisiana means thunderstorms at least several times a week. Several large storms did a fly-by this weekend, but none actually hit us. I realized that my transformation into a complete hick is nearly complete when watching dark, ominous clouds rolling in as they're sporadically lit up by flashes of lightening is as enjoyable as watching bugs get electrocuted on a bugzapper.

+ I found a place that serves a pretty decent Sunday brunch, and also has the perk of the bottomless glass of mimosa. I can't remember how many I had with my meal. All I do remember is that I napped for 3 hours after that meal like a hibernating bear.

+ I dug out my old Playstation and Mortal Kombat game out of the attic. Nathalie and I spent a good part of the weekend fighting each other and beating each other senseless. Watching Nathalie celebrate when her character would knock mine down was probably more entertaining than the game itself.