Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Nathalie and I are safe. We have running water and power, so we're doing better than 90% of the others. I'm thankful that I was stationed in this little bayou town because it didn't get hit as hard as New Orleans.

It's hard to get a definitive idea of what is going on in New Orleans. All the residents stationed in this bayou town (there are four of us, plus Nathalie) have no clue what happened to our houses back in New Orleans. All the phone lines and cell towers are down, so communication is by bits and pieces over the radio and by word of mouth. Last I heard, New Orleans is under martial law with National Guard running the show. The town has been locked down until next Monday.

Thanks for thinking of us. We're OK for now. Our stuff is probably destroyed. I so wish I had renters insurance! Doh! I'll blog a funny story about renter's insurance sometime later.