Friday, July 29, 2005

Wedding Plans

Various wedding events over the past week or so...

After a frustrating hour or so punctuated with various four letter words and various howls of rage, I finally figured out how to tie a bowtie. I told Nathalie from the start that under no circumstances am I going to wear a clip-on pre-tied bowtie to my own wedding.

9 jewelry shops and 20+ websites later, we found the perfect wedding band for Nathalie. We actually got it from an online manufacturer and got her ring custom made for the same price as the mass produced ones selling at the local stores.

Almost the same amount of time was spent looking for the perfect tuxedo shirt for me. It amused Nathalie that she didn't spend anything near that amount of time finding her wedding dress.

My wedding band arrived in the mail not so long ago. Nathalie had the best time practicing how she would put it on my finger.

We found a baker that was able to materialize the wedding cake Nathalie had in her head into reality. This particular baker simply worked icing magic. The best part about searching for wedding cakes were the free samples... especially trying out the various types of icing. I told Nathalie that even though we had already committed to a baker, we should still drive around to different bakeries around town getting samples of wedding cakes.

The decorations for the wedding are being shipped, the caterer is meeting with us this coming week, and the wedding planning is coming together nicely. Just a few more to scratch off the planning list.